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Aku tahu, mengenali diri adalah asas bagi seorang daie. Daie harus kenal diri sendiri.

Ini adalah usaha-usaha untuk aku mengenali diri ini~

Islah, muhasabah, kedua-dua perlu diteruskan.

FPYC Personal Profile for Lina

FPYC temperament type: IITU – Intellectual, rational, inquisitive, accurate, systems developer, critical, creative thinker, independent.

Dominant intelligences: Logical Mathematical, Linguistic, Intrapersonal, Interpersonal and Naturalist.

Dominant abilities: Scientific, Mathematical, Self Discipline, Self Awareness, Verbal Language and Logical.

Fields of Work: Healthcare practitioner and technical, Media and Computer and mathematical science.

Knowledge worker status: Level 1 Knowledge Worker – Knowledge User.

Knowledge age skills:

Team Work – Room for improvement
Computer – Strong
Learning – Strong
Communication – Reasonable
Adaptability – Strong
Business – Strong

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