Of Tarbiyyah and “Baju”

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“Who is better in speech than one who calls men to Allah, work righteousness, and says, ‘verily, I am of those who are Muslims.”

[Fussilat : 33]

Tarbiyyah. According to Understanding Islam subject that we learnt through our three semesters in DQ, the root word for it is (Rabba, Yurabbi, Tarbiyyah) which means to cultivate, to nurture, to teach, etc.. etc.. (Haha, i’m really miss my sweet memory of learning UI in the SMN Audi)

When talking about tarbiyyah, I really remembered the moments in DQ where I began to understand the concept of it.

As an alumni of SMIAAG, people especially seniors in DQ do expect “something” from me. Sadly, I was not as what they expected. The “too condusive” environment in my beloved secondary school make me take the tarbiyyah that I received there for granted. Huhu, until now, I am still regret about this.

In DQ, I learnt that why we should choose a “baju” for us to wear in order for us to serve Islam. In my personal opinion, we should not read the idea of amal jamaie and only associate it with well-known jemaah like PAS, IKRAM, ISMA, HALUAN, and so on and start to label others who does not give wala’ or intima’  to any of those jemaah as ‘tak buat amal jamaie, tak bekerja untuk Islam‘. For me, amal jamaie is really flexible. If we devote ourselves to the society and do something regarding our deen, it is also can be considered as amal jamaie. Don’t label others as Allah is the only one who can judge us. As a muslim, we should choose the best type of amal jamaie that suite ourselves and with it, we can serve Islam the best.

In DQ, I learnt that there are many types of baju with different fashions and colours. At first glance, you will see that each of it is different from others. Actually, if we analyze it deeper, then we can see that all jemaah has the same objective, but the ways to achieve the objective are different. Hence, due to the differences in it, we tend to feel too proud (izzah) with our baju (in other word is taksub) and we become fanatic of our own baju. This situation is unhealthy. We should implement the concept of sinergy and salamatus sodri  in this situation. In my own opinion, we should feel izzah towards our baju, but not taksub.

In DQ, I learnt that in order to choose the baju, we should choose the one that with it, we feel that we are closer to Allah. With it also, we can give the best for Islam. Choose the one that we think that the method of dakwah is based on Quran and Sunnah and is the closest to Sirah Nabawiyyah. Actually, it depends on how we view it. It’s our own ijtihad and our personal perception about truth. None of us can claim that their “baju” is the most true, most pure, etc..etc.. Later, Allah will choose who he wants to declare as the winner. The most important thing that we should do now is to try to strive our best for the ummah.

To all Akhawat DQ (diploma, sem 1, dan sem 3) good luck and try to strive harder in the future. If  ‘they’ can do it, why we can’t? I’m really sorry because I realized that we should do some changes a bit late. Actually, it was very very late. I really hope for the changes to happen. InsyaAllah, my prayers will always there for you.

To others, I really hope that whatever happen after this, we can still manage our ukhuwwah well. Whatever baju we wear, we are still working for the same purpose. We are still being the architect of Islam. If we start to feel taksub with our baju, then remember, in the principle of ukhuwwah, which ithar as the highest degree of it,  and salamatus sodri  as the lowest level, we should not become selfish to think that ours is the best. Respect each other. Act islamically and professionally in facing the differences among us. Wallahu A’alam.

p/s: This is only my personal opinion. It is up to you, wheather to accept it or not.


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