The Imams of Masjidil Haram

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Since I was in Form 1, I always admire the recitation of the holy Quran by the Haramain Imams, especially Sheikh Abdurrahman as-Sudais (I like the most), Sheikh Saoud as-Shuraim, and Sheikh Maahir Muayqali. For me, their recitations are very sweet.

Sheikh Abdurrahman as-Sudais

Sheikh Abdurrahman as-Sudais

When I hear their recitation, it helps me to improve my murajaah of what I have memorized.

Here is the name of all the Imams of Masjidil Haram, since the year 1344 Hijrah. (Source:

  • Sheikh Abdullah Al-Sheikh appointed in 1344 and died 1378.
  • Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al Sheikh; did not find his dates
  • Shaykh Abd-al-Zahir(From Egypt) died in 1370.
  • Sheikh Hamza Mamedben (From Egypt) died in 1392.
  • Sheikh Abdullah Khayyat appointed imam in 1373, died in 1415.
  • Sheikh Mohammed Samh died in 1399.
  • Sheikh Abdullah Al-Khulayfi was appointed in 1373, died in 1414.
  • Sheikh Abdullah Al-Shalan died in 1417.
  • Sheikh Mohammed Subayyal was appointed in 1385.
  • Sheikh Abdul-Bary Ath-Thubayti appoined in 1410 to 1414.
  • Sheikh Ali Jaber appointed in 1401 to 1409, died in 1426.
  • Sheikh Abdur-Rahman Al Huthayfi Imaam from 1408 to 1410.
  • Sheikh Saleh bin Humaid appointed in 1411.
  • Sheikh Abdur-Rahman As Sudais appointed imam in 1404.
  • Sheikh Saud bin Ibrahim As-Shuraim appointed imam 1412.
  • Sheikh Omar Subayyal appointed imam in 1413 , he died in 1423.
  • Sheikh Khayyat appointed imam in 1418.
  • Sheikh Saleh At-Talib was appointed imam in 1423.
  • Shiekh Maahir Al-Mu’ayqali was appointed imam in 1428.
  • Sheikh Abdullah al-Juhany was appointed in 1426 (1428 permanent) .
  • Sheikh Khalid Al-Ghamidi was appointed imam in 1428.
  • Sheikh Faisal Al-Ghazzawi was appointed imam in 1428.
  • Sheikh Adil Al-Kalbani was appointed in 1429.

Here is the name and age of the all the current Imams of Masjidil Haram. (Source: Here)

Current Imams

  1. Sheikh Saleh bin Humaid . Age 59
  2. Sheikh Muhammad bin Abdullah Subayyal. Age 83
  3. Sheikh AbdurRahman bin Abdul Aziz As-Sudais . Age 48
  4. Sheikh Saud bin Ibrahim As-Shuraim. Age 43
  5. Sheikh Khayyat . Age 54
  6. Sheikh Saleh At-Talib . Age 35
  7. Shiekh Maahir Al Mu’ayqali . Age 35
  8. Sheikh Abdullah al-Juhany . Age 33
  9. Sheikh Khalid Al-Ghamdi . Age 41
  10. Sheikh Faisal al-Ghazawi . Age 44
  11. Sheikh Adil Al-Kalbani . Age 51

For what I have seen, Sheikh Sudais has been appointed to become the imam of Masjidil Haram since the year 1404H. Meaning, he has become the imam of Masjidil Haram for about 25 years. He has spent more than half of his life being the imam of Masjidil Haram, reciting the Quran that he has memorized in front of thousands of makmum. Subhanallah, may Allah bless him.

Ya Allah, help me on my way to become a good huffaz that can remember all your words in the Quran for the rest of my life. Amin.



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  1. i like it & i m fan of him

  2. i like it &i m a fan of him

  3. Mashallah.

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